GNBC Home Brewer of the Year

GNBC names a Homebrewer of the Year (HBOTY) each year based on points earned in competitions. See the Competitions page for all the details.

Current HBOTY Standings

We’ll start posting the current standings after this year’s first competition!

Past HBOTY Winners

Congratulations to our past GNBC Home Brewers of the Year!

Year Brewer
2017 Mike Cragen
2016 Mike Cragen
2015 Ted Rosenzweig
2014 Jeff Shearer
2013 Jeff Shearer
2012 Steven Jayich
2011 Aaron Christ
2010 Steven Jayich
2009 Flash Lubitsh-White
2008 Jason Ditsworth
2007 Jason Ditsworth
2006 Jason Ditsworth
2005 Jason Ditsworth
2004 Pete Devaris
2003 Pete Devaris
2002 Pete Devaris
2001 Mark Ryan
2000 Steve Schmitt
1999 Michael Kiker
1998 Michael Kiker