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The Prez Sez, by John Trapp - June, 2017

May was an incredible month for drinking beer. Just about every month can fall under that statement, but I drank a lot of beer in May and had a pretty good month. Is this a coincidence? I think not. My game plan for the rest of the year is set.

We had a fantastic Brew-a-thon on a beautiful Saturday at Kevin Sobolesky’s parents’ home. Lots of beer was brewed, BBQ eaten and brewing techniques observed. Thank you Kevin (and your parents) for hosting us on Big Brew Day. Speaking of Kevin, he’s due another thank you for wrapping up the BJCP class with the tasting exam that took place back on May 14th. There were seven or eight of us that took the exam and with a little luck we all passed or upped our rankings.

Here’s the three month calendar of events.

June 10 – Alaska Run for Women, join the Brewbies. See Julie’s article for more info.

June 16 - 18 – Summer Campout at South Rolly Lake Overlook Shelter. It’s at the end of the Nancy Lake Parkway.

July 11 – Summer BBQ at Jeff and Cathy’s house on Lake O the Hills.

July 15 – E.T. Barnette Homebrew Competition in Fairbanks (Fox, AK)

August 5 – Augtoberfest at 49th State Brewing Company in Healy, AK.

August ? – BBQ at a yet to be determined location.

The Brewbies are back. Julie McDonald is putting together a team for this year’s Alaska Run for Women. Pay attention if you would like to participate in the fight against breast cancer. This event is on June 10 and raises money for breast cancer research. Please read Julies article on this.

The summer campout will be at South Rolly Lake Overlook shelter between June 16 and 18. I stopped in to see the site on my way back from Talkeetna last week, and it looks pretty nice. There’s plenty of parking, five or six fire pits, two pavilions and room for tents.

We are planning on having a shrimp boil on Friday evening as a welcoming meal, and then our Saturday evening potluck will feature different sources of protein (the club will provide three legs of lamb).

Bring the RV, travel trailer, pick-up truck or tent. It’s right on the water and not too far from Anchorage. Take the Nancy Lake Parkway. In about six miles you’ll find us on the left. Peter has an article on this with a map.

The July BBQ at Jeff Loughrey and Cathy Straub’s house up on Lake O’ the Hills will be on July 11. Head up O’Malley road and take a right on Stoneybrook Drive. At the stop sign take a left on Mountain Lake Drive and follow it around until it turns into Lake O’The Hills Circle. Bring Home Brew and something to throw on the grill. This kicks off at 6:00 and goes until 9:30.

July 15 is the E.T. Barnette Homebrew Competition in Fairbanks. Scott is always looking for judges and the quality of the beers is usually pretty good. This year the selected categories are pretty nice, so it’s definitely worth a trip north. See Scotts article.

The July BBQ at Jeff and Cathy’s house up on Lake O’ the Hills will be on July 11. GNBC thanks the Loughrey’s for having us back to enjoy their home on a nice lake where my boy caught his first fish.

There’s been some talk about heading up to Healy for Augtoberfest the first week in August. Yes, it’s Oktoberfest celebrated in August. This event is always a great excuse for a road trip and camping out while drinking great beer at 49th State Brewing Company. Nothing has been organized yet, but it should be on your radar if you’re looking for something to do that weekend.

This month’s “Meet Your Local” article features Ken & Shauna Pajak, Owners of Café Amsterdam.

Remember, be safe and drink responsibly when out and about and keep those carboys filled.

Until next month, Cheers.
-John Trapp

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