The Great Northern Brewers Club
  • To educate people about beer, beer tasting, beer judging, and brewing techniques based on shared knowledge and experience
  • To engage in enjoyable social activities focused on homebrewing as a common foundation
  • To promote the hobby and enjoyment of homebrewing
  • To promote the responsible use of alcoholic beverages

The Great Northern Brewers Club is a nonprofit corporation incorporated in the State of Alaska and is registered with the American Homebrewers Association. Please click here to open a copy of our registration (PDF file).

PLEASE NOTE: Club elections will be held in November, with offices beingtaken in January.  Our Club Bylaws can be viewed here:  club bylaws (PDF file).

Current GNBC Officers & Board Members
President Mike Cragen
Vice President Eric Minor
Treasurer Sam Moore
Secretary Jim O'Toole
Board Members Mike Fisher
  Liz Greer
  Rick Levinson
  Peter Hall
  Brian Hall
Newsletter Editor Jim Roberts
Membership Coord Kat Karabelnikoff
Social Media Coord Julie McDonald
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If you have any interest in brewing your own beer, mead, or cider, this is the club for you! Many of our members have been brewing for years and have a great deal of knowledge and experience to pass along on the art and science of brewing.

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