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The Prez Sez, by Kevin Sobolesky - September, 2016

Howdy brewing friends!

I got a good taste of the fall recently. I wish it was a refreshing glass of Oktoberfest from a local brewery, but, it meant being rained and hailed upon while moving a fiberboard desk.

It’s definitely that time of year when I am getting anxious for snow. The garage gets cool enough for lagering. Luckily, plenty of Octoberfestivities will cheer us up before we realize the sun is gone until April. Get your Lederhosen and/or Dirndls ready!

The BNBC September meeting was a fine time, indeed, and thanks again to Brian Hall for bringing his Vienna Lager to share and for elucidating us on some interesting history of the style. The next meeting theme will be Porters, so bring those dark, malty fellows along whether they be Brown, Robust, Baltic, smoked, or any variation you have!

We are in the midst of our membership drive, as we are now in the 2016-2017 membership year. If you haven’t renewed, please do so at: membership.html

Elections are coming up in November, so we need to have our ballot finalized at the next meeting. If you are interested in an officer or board position, please let me know at

Anchortown is coming up. I hope you have your beers ready to enter. If you, drop them off at Arctic Brewing Supply on October 22nd. Be sure to join us for judging on the 23rd, starting at 10AM at King Street Brewing Company.

Our Xmas party is set for the 10th of December at the Zoo. The theme this year is a Night at the Movies, so dress up as your favorite actor, character, director, or a tub of popcorn if you so choose. It’s always been quite the shindig, and the Zoo has been an excellent venue for us, so mark you calendars.

Keep on Brewin’
-Kevin “Brewineer” Sobolesky

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